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For those of us that find comfort in brief underwear or know someone who does, I wanted to drop in and give you an option in your pickings. If you haven't discovered the joyful selections of undergarments at Target, let me introduce you to Goodfellow & Co. Classic Boxer Briefs.

I was hanging out with a friend one weekend, and a chill and vibe Friday night turned into a long weekend of love, laugh, explore, do nothing, and all things weekend. After washing my clothes I arrived at once, I couldn't see myself on constant repeat; therefore, on our usual visit to playground Target, I decided to grab new undies and socks.

Now, I shop at Target all the time. The quality of their clothes has never disappointed me. There are a couple of threads I still wear that I purchased a few years ago. Anyhow, I swooped in the underwear and socks sections to make a quick selection, and I am glad I did. GoodFellow & Co Classic Boxer Briefs are a great fit, and let me tell you, finding a "great" fitting boxer brief is not always a given.

The waistband is securing and sturdy; it also has a snug appeal that I do care for. The thigh helm is threading in a way to keep constant rising. Now, if you have thighs like me, it may feel a little funny, but it's not undoable. I like it because it gives me a gauge ( leg days are always in order).
Furthermore, I enjoy this brand not being flashy, yet full of quality. The cotton is hella observant. My GoodFellow boxers are my go-to when I workout.

Again, if you are looking for an excellent all-round pair of briefs, check them out.

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