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Being A Better Lover's Accountability Coaching Group

"Once you free yourself, to return to bondage is a deliberate act of self-denial and betrayal." ~ Parker Bryant

I want to be your accountability partner. 

Many of us can't recall the moment we lost ourselves behind the dark curtains of life. One circumstance after the next left us buried within our lives. Muscle memory replaced a vibrant existence leaving us with a cold and limited human experience.

Others remember the exact time, date, and experience that snatched life from their souls. They willingly gave up, concluding life to be nothing more than heartbreak and defeat, even on goods days when things felt okay. 


My life was forever changed the moment I divorced my #1 abuser- ME (the woman pictured above)! Deliberate decisions helped me to peacefully lay my old narrative (toxic & abusive self-torment) to rest. I now choose to live and not die as long as I have breath in my body. I make that decision and intentionally live out those actions every day! I set myself free, and I've never looked back.

Living is a lot different than simply existing.

...even when you feel you have nothing else to gain in life because you already have it all, or believe you can't have much more than you currently do. 

You don't know how much you're not doing something until you become aware of it.

You didn't know you weren't loved until someone loved you deeply.

You didn't know you were worth more money until you offered higher pay.

You didn't know you value until shown appreciation for just being you.

Heck, I didn't know how much I did not breathe until I took a breathing class to help me navigate through the stress and pain buried inside of my heart and all over my body. I thought I breathed all the time- apparently not.

Until exposed to alternative thinking and living, we are limited to what we've always known and done. However, the only way we arrive at new knowledge is to seek it - I firmly believe that's why you are here.


You've given up on yourself far too many times and for long enough, it's time to RECONNECT & RECOMMIT to yourself until you're TOTALLY FREE.

Soon, we will speak one on one, and I will tell you how much trauma, pain and the deep mess I had to pull myself out of to change my mindset from "not wanting to die," to "choosing to live." And let me tell you, that's a big difference in how life manifests for you.

But, through many trials and victories, I learned how to remain committed to myself for total life transformation. I no longer wanted to settle for stagnation or repeated cycles of win some, lose all. Countless hours of trying to figure it out through various methods of self-discovery and spiritual awareness led to me who I am today. I show up the best version of myself in complete authenticity in all areas of life.

You can do it too! It's your birthright to live a life not plagued by brokenness, but first, you must:

It's your birthright to live a life not plagued by brokenness, but first you must:

  • Address and make peace with the pain of your past
  • Permanently remove emotional & mental blocks that keep you stuck
  • Rediscover your voice and essence
  • Shift your perspective for a new life experience 
  • Fall in love with yourself again
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships (release toxic ones)
  • Position yourself for career advancement & financial increase
  • Learn and apply commitment strategies to help you always regain your focus on being the best version of yourself


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For years I struggled with my weight and acceptance. I was not an athlete or military; I was an average kid and adult that engaged in typical life activities. To this day, I am not a gym-rat, and I don't have any ambitions to be one, but I am a nature bug. <3 However, after I healed my heart and my mind, my body was next in line. I committed to physical wellness to help me heal from low self-worth because I needed to love the human I saw in the mirror. I started working out, paid for a personal trainer, and still ended up quitting. I did that at least three times after knowing health was the greatest wealth. I regained a vital aspect of my life by deciding to heal my body, my executive decision-making functions. I had no idea that what I ate and what was left in my body deeply affected how I gave and received life. 

I had to:

  • Tell myself the truth about my physical health (not just my weight)
  • Admit to my addictions
  • Repurpose the function of food in my life
  • Learn why physical movement was not only necessary but a part of life
  • Understand why a healed vehicle (your body) is the only transportation to future aspirations 
  • Study why reigniting your body through supplements was the missing component to my health goals and commitment

TLC provides 100% all natural wellness supplements that not only helped me lose weight, but fueled me with the EXTRA I needed to aid my ALREADY made up mind to LIVE at maximum level of performance in ALL areas of my life.


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