Project R.O.T.B

The R.O.T.B Project is socio-historical examination of life and love from the perspective of urban lesbians from ParKer Bryant's first book Remnants of the Beginning. 

In the early 2000's there was a generation of young adults who experienced the most definitive moments of their lives. Engagement in self exploration met with unbridled liberties, fueled decisions that helped shape the mentality of the urban lesbian culture today. 

Through collective discussion, literature review and film adaptation (coming soon), R.O.T.B Project seeks to "relive" a period of time where many questions were asked, but also left unanswered. 

Revisiting the making of the urban lesbian...

This project will spearhead the need for more research and seminars addressing life and love from the urban lesbian perspective.

From this project ParKer Bryant hopes to produce scholarly articles, films and books that will be used to help bring clarity to the underexplored urban lesbian culture.

What happened to the black lesbian woman?  

"Remnants of the Beginning is really a reflection of the way things were..." 

One of the most transparent "coming of age" memoir for the urban lesbian community. With brutally honest short stories and emotion-filled, thought provoking poetry, ParKer Bryant doesn't hold back any truths as she takes her time to exposes the deep wounds and high altitudes of life and love. If there is a truth serum about the effects relationships with self and others have caused on our lives, you can assure to find it in Remnants of the Beginning. Packing a distinct power that creates an atmosphere for self dialogue, you'll find yourself having that much needed talk with yourself. Fall in love with the characters, and rediscover the beauty of being a woman on the journey of life and love. Definitely an eye opener to everyone who dares to take the plunge in the pages of the book and their own heart!