Being A Better Lovher


ParKer Bryant


Being A Better Lover

True Story...

"I woke up one morning and watched how the sun gently rested on her face. It felt miraculous; moved to tears from what I felt in my heart. As she slept, I prayed. That day I purposed in my heart to enter the vulnerable journey of Being A Better Lover, for the soul purpose of loving in the same way.


After all the heartbreaks, disappointments, and fairytales turned nightmares, there is still hope. Regardless of the pain experienced or caused by broken relationships, love remains the balm to every wound the heart may bear. Today, you can decide to make a deliberate effort to Being A Better Lover. Someone is waiting for your love to love them and for their love to love you. The universe is ready to conspire on your behalf to bring you love in a very pure, honest and holistic form but it can't arrive until you honestly take steps to become a better lover.

Being A Better Lover is beyond a social media/lifestyle trend, this is an actual fight to restore the hope of pure and long lasting love.

Being A Better Lover represents women who are very honest about where they are in love. These women know what they desire because they are clear on what they have to offer and willing to give. They know what they've been through and hold a standard of respect, boundaries and healthy compromises. They are open about their feelings because they remember when they lost their voices in search of answers. They have mature hearts. And they've used every lesson learned thus far in life and love to build herself up instead of tear herself down.

These queer folx have entered the journey of Being a Better Lover.

Join us?