ALL of it is A Part of Your Healing Journey

I woke up this morning very clear on a few things, and here they are--

My desire to be healed, healthy and financial free is a part of my healing journey. My healing journey is not just all about being at peace from the past (pain). My healing journey is in direct correlation with manifesting ALL the desires of my heart. 

The ParKer BryantSettling for life is part of the reason, if not THE reason I ended up in shitty relationships, or the fact that I became a shitty person myself. The reason I settled for alcohol versus healthier outlets. The reason I've settled for jobs I know I can do, which in turn secures a paycheck for the most part instead of keeping myself in an industry/field that sets my heart on fire, but requires me ALWAYS to grow, ALWAYS learn, ALWAYS face my fears (to overcome them). 

Being/getting comfortable is not always a bad thing, especially for someone like me who feels consistently climbing- recouping time I've lost doing things that took time away from me. However, remaining comfortable when we know we've outgrown a spot, remaining satisfied with what we have when our soul is beating down our eardrums to go after ours. The MORE! Trying to dress up the same ass shit in different motivational perspectives is counterproductive to your healing journey. 

And soon, you are going to find yourself in similar emotions... physical manifestations of emotional pain because you never thought that your hustle is also a part of your healing journey. 

This morning I woke up with my new daily mantra- Heal & Hustle- Because I am the Healing Hustler. And I am not going to let anyone, including myself, separates my hustle from my healing journey any longer. Entrepreneurship is a part of my healing. 

Know WHY YOU'RE HEALING! I am sure it is not just about fixing your broken heart. You want something more-- you want more for yourself.

I am not just a writer- I am building a literary media company. I am not just someone living their healing journey out loud- I am building an emotional wellness/healing company. ParKer Bryant is not my name- It is who I am- a lifestyle of class, freedom, and intentional living. 

Does it make sense? 

I hustle to heal- and the more I heal-the the harder I can hustle. 



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