Flymate Murmuration

And sometimes it comes out in broken fragments. :-)


There was a time where I would make sense of shit that didn’t make sense

Since I can remember

I played with fictional characters

Bastards bruh,

before I knew it

dangerous fake shit

existed around my heart and other stuff

leaving me senseless

about not sensing many of my senses

were not operating in sync

Letting all of it sink…


A moment I resuscitated

Palpitation turned in to flutters

That quick breath in

Isn’t about what it used to be

the loss of pieces

of me

from selfish emotional blows



In fact

There is truth


but where there is a lot of opinions in a bias assertion

Chambers and chains echo


Hello to you

Goodbye also a greeting

Into a space that remains clean

Yet not frequent as much


Inserted her soul deep in my veins

Kick it like blood

Because she’s my type

rare breed

She went to a school named after Charles Richard Drew

Got that something that makes the WHO

in that old scenario a factor that doesn’t matter








the muted moans

under new and full moons

murmuration all over each other






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