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I woke up one morning and there it was staring at me. As I lifted my eyes from the small puddle of water in the cuffs of my hands, I suddenly understood the difference. Blinking my eyes in realization, the "ah ha" moment wasn't brutal, but when I swallowed the truth, it went down like hot shots of tequila. The hair on my arms stood up, and my chest caved in. The spiritual checking of my ego was nothing nice. And I guess it all has to do with my desires to be a better lover. Because what hit me, put me in my place.

How many of you have confidently mouthed these two words..."I'm ready."

I know I've said those words a few times before and was damn sure of myself when I did. Something in me gave me the okay to indulge in acts of love and relationship, proclaiming a sense of awareness and ability to operate at a level that required tools I did not possess. Now, on the one hand, in the beginning, there was an innocent ignorance that accompanied my desires for love and relationship. As we all know, there are no rule books to loving; whatever your preference may be. Therefore, my engagement and seeking were blind to many realities, and I supped with those who also had emotional vision impairment. That's when a lot of small lights started to come on. Subsequently, as I grew older, I didn't use any of the lights (insight) I gained to find myself on the outside of my repeated cycles. Majority of the relationships I'd been in were mirrors of each other. What I allowed, what I didn't do, what I allowed them to do, where I shut down, where I lost myself, where I gave over power, where I lied, where I emotionally manipulated, where I played the victim, where I allowed myself to be emotionally destroyed.... on and muthafuckin' on. It had indeed been the same script, different cast scenario in my love life.

What the hell was I not getting?

How is it that I possess the ability to love at an insurmountable unconditional level; I mean, from head to toe. I love at a frequency that touches all the areas a woman desires touching without hands, and she feels it deep within her soul. I possess the heart of twelve holy poets and compassion of the One who came and healed, even on the Sabbath. But relationship after relationship I slowly discovered that even with all that love, it wasn't enough.

I walked back to my bedroom almost winded from getting lost in deep reflection standing in from of my bathroom mirror. My eyes blurred as if I had them closed tight, apparently without knowing. Gazing over the forest like scenery out my bedroom window, I began to hear the lesson on the two components to commitment: Love and Relationship

The compatibility of the two go without saying; however, often we enter romantic involvements deficient of the knowledge that love and relationship are not synonymous or automatically contingent of one another.

Love is a high, positive emotional and mental vibration. When emitted at full capacity, love has the power to cause shifts on a nuclear soul level.
Most commonly, love refers to feelings of strong attraction and emotional attachment. Love can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection, as "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another" and even one's self. Love has been said to be the function that keeps human beings together against all the odds. Simply put, love is one of the most profound emotions known to humankind.

Now, on the other hand, a relationship is an interconnectedness shared between two parties; a state of being. The term relationship can define multiple levels of agreement, more commonly a romantic one. What is needed to maintain any degree of relationship is communication, understanding, and a willingness to compromise. Also, to grow a relationship, trust of one another is beneficial.

Yes, the giving of love and the building of a relationship have correlative value; however, they don't manifest because one of the other is present. Both are supportive components of a fruitful companionship, yet it takes the initiative to learn how to apply them both to a romantic agreement. Giving and receiving love, and the skills of building a healthy relationship are not fixed formulas. X+Y doesn't always equal Z at the different levels with different hearts. Capacities change and the substances needed to build a fortified dwelling increases (or decreases) per experience. It is necessary to remain a student of love and your lover to create the desired outcome of love in action.

All this time I thought love was enough.  I thought because of my experiences with different women and my ability to love, it was automatically bestowed upon me the right to have a lasting relationship, aside from the fact I lacked true building qualities. It is one thing when you stay in a relationship because you are a naturally loyal person, or that's all you know to do, versus growing and building from, within and because there is good love shared between two people that need a secure place to call home. Just because you love someone with all of you, doesn't automatically qualify forever after.

So there I sat as I blinked out of the final seconds of my gaze with this realization; love came and left my life as it did because I did not prepare an adequate home for it to stay. Yes, sometimes we have all the love, but no clue on how to be in and build a healthy relationship. And sometimes we show up with the skills of building a relationship but lack the power of love needed to make it last, especially after the storms. Without a relationship, love has nowhere to call home, and without love, a relationship is only a situation or business agreement.


  • Chelsea

    Powerful reading. ❤️

  • Kandayce

    This was such an amazing read. Thank you for being so transparent. I really needed this today. Thanks For unknowingly Blessing me on my birthday.
    Many Blessings to you!!

  • Kriss nichelle

    This was so well said… I love your transparency.. you’re so freaking human… thank you so much for this..

  • Dalya

    This spoke to my inner spirit…. Now I know how to move forward.

  • India

    I love how you are able to take the unspoken issues, feelings and emotions that come and pit them into words that make perfect sense. You explained love and relationship so well. Thank you for sharing and letting us in on your own vulnerable moments. It really helps sort out the choas in my head and better understand how to move forward.

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