Education is Empowerment

In 2018, ParKer Bryant set out to spread her passion, knowledge and lived experiences as a queer woman of color and educator for the LGBTQIA and public education community with one goal in mind, 'to be the change she desired to see.' With almost a decade of professional experience as an educator, ParKer has witnessed the disenfranchisement of LGBTQIA students in public schools, especially those of minority races. ParKer has also been the subject of discrimination and isolation because of her sexuality in the professional education community. However, she has not backed down from seeking leadership roles to be the face of change by standing firm in who she is, in order to provide a light for students and other educators who identify as she does. 

ParKer hopes to empower other queer people of color to take on roles in public education for advocacy and improved learning environments for LGBTQIA youth. 

ParKer Bryant also gives her heart to her community by facilitating powerful online and in-person workshops on emotional wellness for those in the LGBTQIA community who suffered from years of emotional trauma from family, religion, society, and relationships. She also provides one-on-one sessions filled with truth, transparency, in-depth looks into the heart, and encouragement for women who need a personal coach on their emotional wellness journey. 



  • Lesbians and their Misogynistic Love Affair: Addressing the Behaviors Negatively Impacting the Lesbian Narrative

2018 - 2019

  • Black & Queer In Public Schools: The Need for Anti-Heteronormative Curriculum Initiatives in Predominately African American Education Institutions 
  • Heart Consciousness:  Rebuilding Your Life After Heartbreak through Emotional Intelligence and Wellness
  • Masculine of Centered Evolved: Reconnecting & Healing Our Feminine Energy



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