Baggage Claim I: Atlanta, GA (Paperback)

Baggage Claim I: Atlanta, GA (Paperback)

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What happens when two women find themselves inexplicably and deeply attracted to one other, but soon realize they have the same baggage? 

Meet Tamara, a reformed broken-hearted hoe who's now taking the time to heal completely from a past relationship that took much more from her than financial security. Tamara believes in order to be prepared for true love again, if it's for her, she must get over the damage of her ex. And then there is  Nahla, a workaholic, yet quiet freak who sedates herself with goals and accomplishments while suppressing her real desires to be loved and fucked good. 

On a much needed vacation trip to Atlanta, GA, Tamara and Nahla cross each others' path unknowing that their union would cause one of the greatest, deepest and most intense connections they'll ever experience in their lives.

What starts off as a simple mix-up at the airport will turn into a life altering relationship that takes us all on a much needed unpacking journey.