Decision- An Essay By ParKer Bryant

Decision- An Essay By ParKer Bryant

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"A decision enacts a position of ultimate control by giving up the need to fearfully dictate the minor adjustments in major shifts." ~ ParKer Bryant

I was with someone who was with me, but wasn’t completely committed- too many options- leaving me feeling not worth a love decided. I was at my wits end and not emotionally sound enough to make a decision for my-damn-self. I chose me. I took accountability for my actions. I wrote this piece. I finally made some decisions.

I wrote my latest essay to bring light to why Decisions are important and how we can start unpacking our lack of skill to move our lives forward. Check it out and if moved, name a recent decision you’ve made for your heart’s sake on my Facebook page. 

Explore the depth and importance of a decision with ParKer Bryant's reflection on life and love. In this essay, ParKer weaves in and out of a personal account of being in a love undecided and a life filled with myopic models. 

By the end of the essay there is a sense of peace, understanding and unconditional love for all experiences that now shape decisions made.  

Return to your throne of self love and trust with Decision.