Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers (Paperback)

Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers (Paperback)

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If there has never been a time to know how to navigate love, I believe it is right now. Individualism fucked us royally as a generation. Now, with a looming global pandemic increasing the distance between human interaction, the reasons we love, and how we interpret it should be discussed loudly.

As I have dedicated my life to experiencing love in a way that is as close to organic as possible, I often grieve over what I witness happening, especially in the queer community, in the name of love.

Emotional intelligence is not a prude approach to love, yet one that creates space for blissful shit like dope conversations, expansive perspectives, immense joy derived from informed choice, and mind-blowing love-making. Yes, it is possible.

In this essay, Love As Art, I provide irrefutable facts and insight that unlocks your access to a luxurious experience with other souls- including yourself.

In Loving Memory of Aviana Carter, a beautiful, young woman who unfortunately lost her life at the hands of an abusive girlfriend on June 22, 2020.