What My First Year Taught Me

What My First Year Taught Me

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Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and make a difference, but something about it scared the living daylights out of you? Have you been seeking the real truth about what will happen when you quit your job to go pursue your dreams? Well, What My First Year Taught Me is the book to read. 

Get 80+ pages of realistic experiences and advice from the trenches of the first year of entrepreneurship. ParKer Bryant doesn't sugarcoat any aspects of the journey in hopes of not scaring you, but mentally equipping you with the facts about what you may experience when you take the leap.

Also, included is exclusive information on upcoming online course for beginning entrepreneurs

From The Trenches: Entrepreneurship Made Sensible Not Easy

Everyone who purchase the book will be the first to enroll, receive a course discount and get the class planning guide for free. We will cover topics such as:

  1. Start Up & Marketing Basics
  2. Planning & Preparation
  3. Finances Finances Finances
  4. How to Thrive in An Oversaturated Market
  5. How to Starve Yourself To Stay Hungry For Success