A Foreshadow about the Shadows of the Rona (Feel/Know Those "With" You)

It's been a little over 120 days since Coronavirus shook up our "normal" way of doing life. One moment we were hanging out with our friends at brunch on Sunday, insisting on paying the tab to having- Zoom call toasts where the soundtrack is off (technology turns Stevie Wonder’s rendition of Happy Birthday into a cacophony). Singing happy birthday has never been so chopped and screwed. Everything felt like it was going to be okay and get back to normal until those calls and emails. You know the ones that announced indefinite closures, cut hours, staff layoffs, and more. Contracts and events canceled, leaving some side hustlers in what felt like quicksand. And let's not fail to mention the hustles turned small businesses denied loans to help keep the doors open and the lights on.

This energy came and disrupted 2020 before we even got a good foot into the year. Loved ones transitioned from the earthly to the ancestral realm without proper home-goings. Suicides whispered in the shadows of the pandemic, much like the black community speaks around mental illness. Racial injustice blasted our un-busy psyches with images of blatant murder, violently undressing our many unhealed wounds of being black on this planet. And because patriarchy still runs deep in the veins of those demanding equity and justice (I want to believe unconsciously, but, yeah, no), the three cops that murdered Breonna Taylor remain free and employed (update: Mayor Greg Fischer fired). The energies of 2020. Damn. 

But this is what we were able to see. What we were able to discuss, like white folk (or white-passing) accountability or the lack thereof, and the unfortunate cultural biases around Black Lives and Black Gay Lives Matter(ing) at the same damn time. We did these things even with lumps in our throat (Vishuddha) chakra. Whether felt cognitively or viscerally, life shifted a few months ago and pushed us into states of being that will harvest in the coming months. It's kind of like when ecstasy pills came on the scene; it was said to make us horny horny. After my short time with x-pills I knew one thing; they only amplified your core mood. My friends and I would hype-up for a night of fun, and yah know-when afternoon finally came, the next day, everybody had not ventured to a land flowing of milk and honey the previous night. Some of us stayed up, paranoid, and anxious. Some of us were violent. Some of us laughed and played. Some of us got busy doing - creating, painting, drawing, dancing, mixing, and writing. Everyone came out of the chemically induced moment with a different experience, and varied lingering yearnings. And because the impact of COVID-19, Spring 2020- forceful and without warning caused chemicals to release in our bodies that engaged our core self- when morning comes, we will all have a different experience, and this is where we should watch closely. 

My circle of friends and family, some were out of a job, had to file unemployment, and others remained gainfully employed. Those who were considered essential had to physically go to work everyday to earn their wages. And others who were able to prove their virtual worth for that direct deposit. We showed up for each other in various ways, a cash app here, a Zelle there. A random Amazon purchase here and a grocery store run there. We remained as we were as long as things remained relatively as they are. 

My partner and I spoke about a lot during the lockdown. The first things we stumbled over were the pendulum of two types of energies, and the different kinds of people that will emerge after all of this has settled a bit. 

The two energies she spoke of were devastation and prosperity. She said although the world appears to be crumbling around us, there is also a generative energy, one of building. "Everyone is not losing or going to lose in this season." And she was a living example of that. Every day was a day of calculated opportunity. The quick adjustment to life may have caused a brief pause to gather our bearings, but it didn't take us off track. There are two kinds of people who evolve from this energy, those who regain their stride and continue at their usual pace and those who not only regain their stride but engage in a momentum shift. A cosmic quantum remembering.

Some didn’t want to be left behind, so they found themselves attracted to the trend. Embarking in a stride of journeying, but not mentally prepared for and from the thrust into a new way of being in “life,” they became high with the delusional behavioral change, which is not rooted in their core shift. The delight in this is, if they can withstand the requirements to “shift” into this knowing/way of being, they will not fall short when the road becomes the one less traveled. But because the extra mile is not crowded, going back to comfort zones, old ways, places of familiar accomplishments, or praise are likely. Then you will have those you will ask, what happened to all those plants purchases? Are you still going to the gym? I clicked on the link in your bio, are you not doing your business anymore? The book? The meditation? The supplements? The quotes? The inspiration? The_________ fill in the blank.

These vibrations will create the influx of energy that will come to hate, talk clean cold shit, and belittle your ability to not only regain and maintain your stride as the pandemic continues to sweep through our lives. You remained (still remain) authentic to your journey to tap into the momentum to challenge yourself to go harder/travel further. Those people, rolling in the energy of destruction, will not understand how you healed, built, and prospered during a time of devastation. Those people will remember who you were… how you all were side-by-side and scratch their heads at the current distance between you and them. These people are family, friends, partners, co-workers, tribe members. These people will not be your exes, your entanglements, your situationships, your fake cousins, your enemies, your virtual friends, they will be the ones in direct contact with your harvest. These energies will not celebrate your quantum leap.

Who we have around us must love us whole, healed, and operating at our optimal performance. Any action towards one another not at 528hz will be problematic to the consistent frequency required to remain within this greater knowing. 

Unknowing of their limitlessness, it is hard for someone to love you from a place they've never had to. And it's even harder for someone to love you from a place they are unwilling or afraid to travel, to get where they could also enjoy the same freedom conscious others will live from when the dust settles. 

being in community. being in tribe. can no longer be synonymous with cliques.

Travel well, 

ParKer Bryant


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