Two Years Ago In A Coffee Shop [Reflective Free-Write]

I have always respected the game. And in every case, the game will still be played. HOWEVER, you don’t have to play. And you surely can’t play the game expecting anything other than games to be played. If you don’t want steady love and commitment, don’t find or stay in situations where steady love and commitment are the rules of engagement. Although the attachment may be what you desire, you enter a state of principle violation when you willfully neglect to exchange due harvest for the caliber of love you're reaping. 

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Reconnect to Your Feminine Energy & Healing Your Hearts (FB LIVE)

Watch my online talk with The Love Zone as I examined the deep love and care needed for masculine identified beautiful humans in our community. My intentions for this talk were to present the benefits of the deep work I endeavored to reconnect to my feminine energy, and how it plays an integral role in the tiered levels of healing.      Click the image below to be redirected to the video via FACEBOOK.    

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Stronger Because of You

What it takes to keep you in a state of peace that surpasses all understanding could mean being intentional with every breath and every move. There is no real room for excuses once you are aware, and to purposely choose the stagnation of comfort is deliberate disobedience. 

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