A thought on- "Loving Too Hard"

A discussion held among tribe members...
When I think of going hard—- I think of whylin' out. Knowing you’re about to enter a state that could possibly have poor or negative results. Something is about to gooooo down- whatever happens happens. I, myself, can’t place love with any negative side effect because then that’s not ‘love’. But maybe it’s emotional recklessness. An unforgivable truth that we would sacrifice ourselves just to feel a little bit of something. Love is never too hard for me, but wounds left gaped open can have us out here going hard for a cure from a poisonous root.
I believe we are giving the signs of when emotions will not be reciprocated, but we go in any way. We bypass our “gut” feelings which are attached to our heart and brain- being one of the 3 brains and take that last shot or a few to relinquish responsibility for how we will “perform” during this dance with “love.”
If the night ends well- we made it out safe. If it doesn’t, we conclude—- shiiiidddd we went hard though and prepare to repair from whatever repercussions endured.

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