Stronger Because of You

There are times I honestly believe I can not do it. The amount of love it takes to remain emotionally sound in this generation is unprecedented. And if you want to find yourself in an experience that is not haunted by traumas, deceived by lust and validation, or plagued with immaturity and disloyalty- you have to be ready to do the real work. However, the output of real work must match the intake of nutrients. It's beyond imperative to find yourself in love-rich environments, or you will soon feel the despair of being emotionally malnourished.

What it takes to keep you in a state of peace that surpasses all understanding could mean being intentional with every breath and every move. There is no real room for excuses once you are aware, and to purposely choose the stagnation of comfort is deliberate disobedience. 

Oh, but when you dare to be brave and grow without regrets, you find yourself sitting at the center of evolution. You discover the best gems from your valley walks, orgasmic explosions from leaps off the top of your peaks and steel-like strength from moments of extreme vulnerability. What I am trying to describe is a state of wholeness that flows with milk and honey. The sweetest thing you'll ever know.

Reading my work you will discover life from this side of the mountain. Real ass experience that some fail to embrace in pursuit of the "look" of wellness and the need to keep up with the "culture." These reflections are very similar to no longer needing a priest to enter the holy of holies on your behalf; it's the God in us, not the appearance thereof that makes this walk sacred. I celebrate us. And it is because of many of you I continue to reignite my belief that love will heal all who receive.


ParKer Bryant

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