The Vibration of Black Queer Wellness

You have to become it. The more you forgive, the freer you are. The realer you are with yourself about who you are, the more clear your vision becomes.

Let's be aware. I've had to become brutally honest with myself, especially about my thoughts. The uncomfortable parts of sitting and acknowledging them is a muscle that requires targeted development. It ain't a by-product type happening. Listen, the shit is real. But I can't front, I'm madd grateful to be right here. Like hella' grateful. The Divine One is the best.

You can't fake this walk, this you must know without waver.

So, the more you forgive, the freer you become. You must be willing to divorce the story you think is your truth. Your pain is valid, but no longer relevant, And as you continue to journey, you will realize much of the pain you remember is only part of the story you created to get other's attention- to help them get free as well. But that is another depth for another time.

I know, you want the pain to matter-- it's what made you who you are today, right?

But who are you right now? Past experience helped you journey to this colorful and meaningful now. As we get older we see our experiences are reflections of our relationship with ourselves. So, yes, repeated poor relationship experiences were/are mirror reflections we have/had yet to look through to see the truth about us. The more you open yourself to see, the more is revealed and made known. Become the vibration of wellness by looking within, believing in the message of what you feel outside of constant injury. There is wellness waiting for you.

Always see yourself as your highest self. Pay attention to everything around you. The Divine Source is in all things. Listen for the commands.

Believing in oneself is a high gift. You must know you're capable of all things regardless of what it looks or feels like. You must understand that the power is in you. No matter what, you can do everything you desire.

The focused work. The complete stride comes after falling in love with the process and how doing the thing that's different makes you feel. The focused work is when you become the process after you are exposed to what you now/will know.

Question is-- are you ready to trust yourself? What parts of you do you leave out of the conversation? What parts of you are not in the picture? Can you operate in a personal system where guilt and judgement does not exist?

Your vibrations is what creates your now. Instead of trying to be the one who is, just be the one that does.



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