BLACK LYNCHING IN 2020 & PLANDEMIC- A SHORT FILM [view before deletion]

Hey There... 

This morning as I was working I took a brief mental break to view information not related to school. And as we know, there aren't many outlets available, unless you pick up a book, that exposes you to anything other than the Coronavirus and now the recent gruesome murder of Ahmaud Arbery. 


My heart is heavy. Too much is running through my mind. I want to do things that would make others feel OUR pain; however, the diseases of this country, this world, runs deep. The disease would only be eradicated through a complete reset of the entire population. Guess that's the story of the great flood. I don't want to fall into more hatred towards those who are programmed to kill black people, but FUCK! So many weapons are being unleashed upon us right now, it is getting really hard to namaste my way through the days. 


It is taxing and regardless of how much we try to hold it together, moments of needing to breathe deep, beyond default, are increasing. Looking through the tools- the gifts bestowed upon me from The Giver of Gifts, I ponder, how do I play my part?

Right now, I just want to spread as much information as possible. Along with signing the petition and making the murder of Ahmaud sound throughout the steel walls of this imprisoned country, here is also a video to give you another perspective of the global pandemic. I am not endorsing this video as sole truth; however, I am saying give yourself more space to connect additional dots. We already know we do not live in a time where human life is valued over the mighty dollar. 

Additionally, the video is being deleted from every platform-- so hopefully you watch it before it's gone off of Youtube. I am thinking to record it with my phone.


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