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Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers is a Game Changer

When our romantic needs are enveloped in desired aesthetics, we experience bio and physical chemistry that draws us to the human of interest, causing an undeniable attraction. It feels great, divine, and too good to be true, but it’s not yet love; however, a normal biological-type response connected to our primitive nature. A great night on the dance-floor, a dope-ass conversation in the aisles of the bookstore, or a one-night stand under the moonlight on the beach is magical, but should not be considered the baseline of answering the question “is this love?”

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BLACK LYNCHING IN 2020 & PLANDEMIC- A SHORT FILM [view before deletion]

I don't want to fall into more hatred towards those who are programmed to kill black people, but FUCK! So many weapons are being unleashed upon us right now, it is getting really hard to namaste my way through the days.  The video is being deleted from every platform-- so hopefully you watch it before it's gone off of Youtube

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