Re-Arrival: Exhumation- Resurrection- Rite of Passage

Removing yourself from yourself is not uncommon. At times it’s the best choice when needing an arial view. Yet the act of remaining outside of your body once aware of decaying conditions and officially being in a state of personal treason- rebelling at the detriment of intended message and most important, the lesson, is foolish. We aren’t ignorant of the torment of back trekking right after a season of catapults and forward trajectories. Storing away power, although there is unlimited access to it, speaks of the deep misunderstanding, blatant programing and the suicidal unwillingness to set ourselves free, well everyone is not suffering from a personal suffocation. Clean air, warm water, fresh food runs deep in your veins. Re-enter and be made (w)hol-y


You’re inside of me

When did you feel me up?

Was there enough room for you?

May, I, get you sun’ting?


How long are you here for?

Where you from?

What’s your thoughts on… everything?

Please- make yourself comfortable.


Let it turn you into art

Every brush stroke is a deep one

I love driving in you

with you

The sound you surround me with

Holy Dolby

Let’s see how righteous this escape with be

Upon the return

Let the solar


This full moon of love

Place the sides of your crescent

on this Jungle Kingdom spirit of mine.



First times

No rewinds

You know, those same ole’ lines

Told to old flames

or new flickers


Fresh ink

Pouring from the soul of the earth

pages turning

pulsating with new structures


Foundation solid

Confusing murky waters

can’t flow in this direction

late night teleporting

accountable in the in(ivisible)


Always seen and seeing


Nothing more

than more than enough’

Messing around and got gifted

in warm palm- trees

Allow me to paint

a reaping of sowing

in great love soil.


Without the “first” of a new experience, there are no new moments or new memories. However, we must not forget to consume consciously.



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