Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers is a Game Changer

Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer LoversParKer Bryant released her latest work tackling a topic that will never ever grow old- love. In Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers, with a very conversational flow, ParKer explains what is and what is not love by breaking down the chemistry (natural science) behind the "feels" and what cultivate and grows love. ParKer paints vivid visuals placing our mind and heart in a museum where the portraits of loves are examined in hopes of improving our experience with love.

When our romantic needs are enveloped in desired aesthetics, we experience bio and physical chemistry that draws us to the human of interest, causing an undeniable attraction. It feels great, divine, and too good to be true, but it’s not yet love; however, a normal biological-type response connected to our primitive nature. A great night on the dance-floor, a dope-ass conversation in the aisles of the bookstore, or a one-night stand under the moonlight on the beach is magical, but should not be considered the baseline of answering the question “is this love?”

ParKer's continual dedication to live an authentic quest to engage love in ways that have been hidden from the human experience keeps her humbled and hungry by and for love.

"It's my service to my community, my tribe to share what I learn from this walk of love. If I can help queer lovers (and others) experience less heartbreak, then baby, we winning. What I do know is, if I knew then what I know now- when I wrote this piece, I am for sure I would not have experienced the emotional heartache in my life. But that also means, I wouldn't have entered this journey and uncovered these truths I share in my work. So- all good. We here now, so let's enter heaven on earth!" ~ ParKer Bryant

ParKer attributes her desire to expand in her understanding about love beyond her comfort zone from life and completing her read of All About Love by bell hooks.

Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers is available in eBook and paperback


Love As Art: Emotional Intelligence for Queer Lovers



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  • Vanessa B.

    A profoundly beautiful essay on unadulterated love based in praxis; a revolutionary act in a world that defines and then perpetuates love from an egocentric, parochial vantage point. I feel enlightened, encouraged and energized after reading this amazing piece to continue to love on, more consciously, more selflessly and more freely! Thank you!!

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