Your baggage is yours to carry and to sort out once you unpack it. You can't avoid doing the work. I walked away from that experience understanding that I must engage in deep cleaning of my emotional house often. Why? Because cleaning is not a one-time thing... especially if you dwell within your home. Things start to get a little messy after a few days of normalcy. Certain areas of the house go unattended to, but it takes weird smells, eye-sores from things out of place, and lost items for it to click that it is time to clean up again... and with an intention to deep clean: throw away shit you don't need (use) and organize for functionality. 

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Nice & Slow

Taking the sting out of your growth and healing journey It is not uncommon for us to want what we want when we want it. If you are anything like myself, when I have my mind set on achieving or acquiring goals (whatever they may be), I have a no-lose focus and a relentless fight to get exactly what I desire. We've all experienced this surge before, it is a great character trait to have. Some of us live every day in this intensity of pursuit. However, as I travel within my current levels of evolution, I was made to swallow the very hard HARD pill of slowing down. Now, some of you would label it rejection, failures, dumb ass mistakes, blunders and etc., hell I...

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