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Many of us watched as friends and family tried to pull the images posted and groups joined into their "behind closed door" lives. But the reality of their authenticity faded with each post and caption that spoke of a narrative so far away from their own. Even the white lies devastated the natural flow of self-acceptance, dumping mental stability into a state of fragility unlikely to be handled with care.

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Loving Her While Healing Me

The collective awakening of higher consciousness and self-care has engaged many in spiritual routines of noninvasive internal medicine practices; healing traumas, shedding ill-ideology and self-rediscovery. This translates to an intense, yet a delicate state of being that transcends our now existence. Thus, the forever question of "should I date..." is now paired with "while healing." As you all know I try to never get into the thick of trends; especially when it comes to the heart. It's exhausting to see the rat race, so I can only imagine the level of depletions for those actually involved. However, after asking myself the same question (that was before anyone asked me) and after a member of Being A Better Lover's exclusive group posed the...

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To Exhale After Winter

After almost ten minutes of silence, I told her to no longer think about what to say and just say it. She replied... Where do I begin? To be honest, I am tired. I am downright exhausted of much of what brings me joy. Currently, I am unable to stomach taking much needed breathes to keep my tears from falling.

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